Plain Garlic Bread  £ 3.25         

Garlic Bread  with Cheese  £ 3.50


Zuppa del Gio  

  Freshly made soup of the day        

         £ 5.00           

Insalata Tricolore    

Slices of fresh mozzarella, avocado and vine ripened tasty tomatoes,garnished with basil and glaze of balsamic vinegar         

£ 7.50


Toasted bread, covered with chopped fresh vine tomatoes, olive oil, garlic & basil  

£ 5.95

Coppa Di Gamberretti  

Baby prawns, dusted with paprika powder,served with homemade

marie-rose sauce


Antipasto All Italiana  

                           Chef’s selection of Italian cold cuts, mozzarella and fresh vine tomatoes,smoked salmon & fish fritters                             

 £ 9.95

Funghi Ripieni  

Baked flat mushrooms stuffed with ham and melted mozzarella       

  £ 7.50

​​Avocado Mama Mia  

    Sliced fresh avocado drizzled with homemade olive oil dressing,

                        baby prawn cocktail and smoked salmon        

£ 9.25

Gamberoni All Aglio  

Butterflied fresh king prawns sautéed with garlic, butter white wine sauce,served with with toasted homemade bread  

£ 10.95

Gamberoni Piccanti  

Butterflied fresh king prawns sautéed with ginger, onions, garlic, fresh chillies tomato sauce, served with toasted homemade bread         

£ 10.95


Cured beef dressed with olive oil & flakes of fresh parmesan cheese          

£ 8.95

Bianchetti Fritti  

Deep fried whitebait, served with homemade tartar sauce         

£ 7.95

Deep Fried Calamari 

 squid rings coated in breadcrumbs, served with homemade tartar sauce

£ 8.95

Sardina Alla Griglia  

Simply freshly grilled sardines drizzled with homemade olive oil dressing            

£ 7.95


Primi Paste

Spaghetti Carbonara    £9.00
Bacon, cream and parmesan cheese
Spaghetti Bolognese   £9.00
With traditional home made sauce bolognese
Spaghetti Al Frutti di Mare   £10.95
Fresh mixed seafood, tomatoes, garlic and white wine
Penne Rosata   £10.95
Smoked salmon. baby prawn,tomato cream sauce with touc of chilli

Tagliatelle Al Funghi di Bosco  £9.95
                                         Long flat pasta with wild mushrooms, olive oil and cherry tomatoes                                      

Penne Mama Mia   £9.95
Mushrooms, smoked bacon, peas with tomato cream sauce

Tagliatelle Primavera   9.50

  Pasta with carrots, courgettes,mixed peppers, peas, leeks, mushrooms 

                                                                               and a touch of tomato sauce                                                                                                       

Penne All Funghi e Pollo   £9.95
Penne Pasta with diced chicken breast, mushrooms and cream tomato sacue

Lasagne Al Forno   £9.95
Oven baked home made lasagne

Risotto Marinara   £10.95
Italian rice dish with mixed seafood, white wine, tomato and garlic sauce

Risotto del Chef   £10.95
Italian rice dish with smoked bacon, leeks, mushrooms, baby prawns, peas and parmesan cheese

All Pasta and Rice Dishes Available Main Course Size
(Supplement of £ 3.00 )  


Petto di Pollo alla Cindy    £11.95
Breast of chicken with smoked bacon, leeks, touch of mustard in a creamy sauce    
Petto di Pollo  Valdostana   £11.95
                                                    Breast of chicken with ham, mozzarella cheese, tomato & basil sauce                                                                  
   Scaloppine Saltimboca    £13.95
                                                     Veal escalope with Parma ham, butter sage, white wine sauce                                                                              
Scaloppine alla Mornay      £13.95
Veal escalope with wild mushrooms, béchamel and cream sauce

Scaloppine alla Arrabiata   £13.95
Veal escalope with onions, black olives, touch of chilli tomato sauce

Bistecca alla Pepe   £16.95
Free range scottish beef sirloin steak with cracked black peppercorn sauce

Bistecca alla Diana      £16.95
Free range scottish beef sirloin steak with onions,mushrooms, english mustard, brandy cream sauce

Filleto alla Dolce Late   £24.95
Beef fillet steak, blue cheese sauce

Filleto Rossini   £24.95
Beef fillet steak on tosted bread base, topped with pate, peppercorn sauce

Filleto Campagnola   £24.95
Beef fillet steak, cooked with wild mushrooms and served in cracked black peppercorn sauce

Medaglione alla Porto   £18.95
Medallions of beef fillet , mushrooms and onions, cooked in a port wine sauce

Medaglione alla Pepe Verde  £18.95
Medallions of beef fillet, with creamy green peppercorn sauce

Side orders

Selection of vegetables and potatoes      3.50
Mixed salad     3.25
Green leaves salad    3.25
Sliced vine tomato and red onion salad     3.25
Rocket & parmesan cheese salad    3.95
Thin fries      3.25


Margharita    £9.95
Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, sprinkled with olive oil
Napoletana   £10.50
                          Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, anchovies,olives                               

Funchetto   £11.95
Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, mushrooms, ham, sweet corn     

Americana   £11.95
Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, hot salami & resh chilli

Tropical   £11.95
Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, ham, pineapple

Mama Mia Pizza   £13.95
Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, mushroom, bacon, ham, hot salami, onion and fried egg

Rucola   £13.95
Mozarella cheese, parma ham, roquette salad, cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings, finished with olive oil

Vegetariana   £12.95
Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, mushrooms, artichokes, red onions

Deliziosa   £12.95
Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, bacon, mixed fresh peppers & hot salami

Contadina   £12.95
Mozarella cheese, fresh basil & tomato sauce, diced chicken breast, mushrooms, red onions

Quatro Formaggio   £12.95
Fresh basil & tomato sauce,mozzarella, white cheddar, red leister and dolce latte cheese

Paulo's Special Pizza £14.95

Mozarella cheese,homemade tomato BBQ sauce, smoked pancetta, mixed peppers, chicken & hot salami



£5.95 Each


Profiteroles Bianco

Soft choux pastries filled with chocolate,covered with a gentle vanilla cream & decorated with milk chocolate curls

Cheescake Brulée

Ricotta & mascarpone cream with caramel sauce, covered with bruléed almond cream


Coffee and amaretto soaked finger biscuit with a layer of mascarpone cream, dusted with cocoa powder


Flute Al Limonciello

Fresh lemon ice cream with swirls of lemon liqueur sauce


Gelati Misti

Choose 3 from our flavours of authentic Italian ice creams

For parties of six or more service charge of 10% will be added to your bill.
All indicated prices are inclusive of VAT


Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order



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