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                                                                                    Dear Guests,

                                 We apologise in advance. Due to staff shortages we are unable to 

                      provide any pizzas and garlic bread at this time. We are looking to get this back on as soon as possible.                                                                           Thank you for your understanding.




Spaghetti Bolognese   £11.95
With traditional home made sauce bolognese
   Spaghetti Carbonara £11.95

With bacon, cream and Parmesan cheese

Penne Rosata   £12.95
Smoked salmon. baby prawn,tomato cream sauce with touch of chilli


Spaghetti Al Frutti di Mare  £13.50

Spaghetti dish with fresh mixed seafood, white wine, tomato and garlic sauce

Tagliatelle Al Funghi di Bosco  £11.95
                                     Long flat pasta with wild mushrooms, olive oil and cherry tomatoes                                      

Penne Mama Mia   £11.95
Mushrooms, smoked bacon, peas with tomato cream sauce

Tagliatelle Primavera   £11.95

                                                 Carrots,courgettes,mixed peppers,peas,leeks,mushrooms and a touch of tomato  sauce                                                                                               

Penne All Funghi e Pollo   £11.95

Penne Pasta with diced chicken breast, mushrooms and cream tomato sauce
Lasagne All'Uovo   £11.50

Oven baked home made lasagne
Risotto Marinara   £13.50
Italian rice dish with fresh mixed seafood, white wine, tomato and garlic sauce
Risotto del Chef   £13.50
Italian rice dish with smoked bacon, leeks, mushrooms, baby prawns, peas and parmesan cheese

Mushroom Risotto £12.50





                 French Fries £3.95   

                Mixed salad  £3.95              

               Sliced vine tomato and red onion salad   £3.50  

               Rocket & Parmesan cheese salad   £4.00                                                                  





























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